Calligraphy Workshops

Interested in learning pointed pen calligraphy? Come join me for a fun and intimate workshop session where you'll learn all the skills you need to get started!

What's Included
1 Straight Pen Holder
2 nibs (Nikko G + Brause Steno)
Jar of Black Ink
Workbook with Alphabet + Number Guides
Personalized Gift!

What You'll Learn
We will go over the fundamentals of pointed pen calligraphy, including basic tools and supplies, learning how to use a pointed pen, and creating uppercase and lowercase letters using the basic strokes. We will also learn how to connect letters to form words.

The Details
All Calligraphy Workshops include 2 hours of instruction and light refreshments. You will be provided with a Beginner's Calligraphy Kit that is yours to keep and take home. Class sizes are usually kept at an intimate size, around 10-15 students per session. This allows ample time for individual instruction and Q&A.
Please note that tickets are non-refundable! Before purchasing, please double check the date and time to ensure you are able to attend.

san jose calligraphy workshop

Sunday, Mar. 10, 2019

Modern Calligraphy Workshop
Academic Coffee | San Jose, CA

modern calligraphy workshop

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Modern Calligraphy Workshop
Sue's Gallery Cafe | San Jose, CA