BTTRCRM: A Conversation About Cake (& More)

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When I started this blog, I knew that I didn't want to be the only voice here. Beyond sharing my own story, my desire was to also create a platform where I could share the stories of others. I've been fortunate enough to connect with a number of talented and like-minded creatives since I've started my little business, and I find myself so honored to have the privilege of featuring them on my blog. My hope is to give you a glimpse into their lives, both business/creative and personal, and to remind you that behind our small businesses and behind what you see on our websites and social media, we're just humans living our lives the best we know how!

I'm incredibly excited to kick off this series with my dear friend Erika Elianté of BTTRCRM. She is a baker of the most delicious treats, but also has a few other creative skills up her sleeves. I first met her 3 years ago when I was living in Redding. I had been following her on social media for a while (back when she was still Cupcakes For The Kingdom), and I responded to a post of hers about needing some additional help at a pop-up event. I quickly volunteered and our relationship grew from there! My life is undoubtedly richer because of her. She's given me opportunities I never would've otherwise had, and she's taught me so much both creatively and personally. She's a gem of a person - generous and kind, the most incredible host, an excellent teacher, and so genuine and down to earth.

Read on to get to know a little bit about Erika and BTTRCRM!

bttrcrm cakery, cottonwood, redding, wedding cake, hannah lillian photo, wedding industry

What's your biggest inspiration when it comes to cake? How do you come up with your flavor combinations, design ideas, etc.?
I aim to create what isn't commonly available. While it's true that no idea is truly original, I believe there is always ample room to transfer personal touches and branding to creations. Be it a seasonal flower or branch, or maybe a vintage dress steeped in layers of velvet or tulle, texture is the driving 'inspiration' when dreaming up cake design.

bttrcrm cakery, wedding cake, cakery, cottonwood, redding, hannah lillian photo

How do you see BTTRCRM growing in 2019? What are some personal goals you have for 2019?
Concisely: education. My heart is so full with the desire to educate those around me. Through means of workshops, mentorship, tutorials, and many more avenues, I would really love to be able to offer tools to aspiring bakers (be it for means of earning an income or simply for the passion of baking) I wasn't otherwise afforded. Sharing YouTube videos is the more accessible means by which I hope to accomplish this goal of education, but I should warn you that I'm likely the most technologically incompetent person you'll likely encounter, so don't hold your breath! I'm half joking.
A colossal personal goal of mine for the next calendar year is to host a workshop, which seems a bit daunting at the moment. I'm confident in my abilities to teach others how to recreate certain aspects of what I create, however I'm oddly anxious about the concept of displaying cake decorating and baking in real time. It may be because I'm unsure of the expectation potential guests might have, but I'll be taking the plunge either way in the near future!

bttrcrm cakery, hannah lillian photography, redding, cottonwood, wedding cake

Do you have any advice for aspiring bakers/cakers headed into the wedding industry?
Figure out your why before you accept any orders. You most certainly don't want anyone aside from yourself determining the motivation for accepting a project.

bttrcrm cakery, cottonwood, redding, wedding cake

What are some things you're passionate about outside of your business? Are there any hobbies or activities you particularly enjoy?
BTTRCRM is the product of a creative outlet that spiraled wildly out of control, which I'm so very thankful for! I have a healthy number of 'creative outlets,' some of which include: foraging for seasonal blooms, hunting for treasures at garage sales, feeding friends, and sifting through the cheese selection at Trader Joe's.

bttrcrm cakery, hannah lillian photo, wedding cake, cottonwood, redding

What does an ideal weekend look like for you?
An ideal weekend is a fairly fluid concept, but if Austin and I were spending a weekend in Cottonwood, it would look something like this: Sabbath dinner with his parents, where we would undoubtedly enjoy something delicious and filling. Return home on Friday evening to watch whichever TV series we're currently absorbed by (Have you tried Marvelous Mrs. Maisel? I sure hope the answer is yes). Saturday mornings, we enjoy breakfast, which we otherwise forego. Austin sleeps in, I wake early and spend time petting our cats, going on a walk with Daisy. Once we have a our coffee and breakfast, Austin likely heads to our garage to explore some wood-working projects while I sift through the neighborhood to seek out unkempt blooms. You know, for research. Saturday evening invites the opportunity for a game night with some friends. Sunday is often filled with house or yard projects, which usually is paired with a trip to Home Depot (and the tax of a fiddle leaf fig tree. Can you blame a plant loving lady?). Cap Sunday off with another stroll through our neighborhood and you're looking at my ideal weekend. Underwhelming, huh?

bttrcrm cakery, hannah lillian photography, wedding cake, cottonwood

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Erika! Like I mentioned before, it's such a pleasure for me to be able to introduce my favorite gal pals to you all! If you're interested, you can find BTTRCRM at the following places:


All photography is by Hannah of Hannah Lillian Photography.

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